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Products overview

Gano 2n1


Ganoderma Classic 2in1 Black Coffee
(Ganoderma + Coffee)

Our number one selling product! Our gano black coffee combines the great taste you have come to expect from a high end coffee beverage with the perfect blend of Ganoderma Lucidum. If you like your coffee black, you are sure to like this tasty treat. Our Gano black coffee has the highest content of ganoderma.

Gano 4n1


Ganoderma 4-in-1 Coffee
(Ganoderma + Coffee + Cream + Sugar)

Do you take your black coffee with Cream and Sugar? We have the perfect blend of Ganoderma, coffee, sugar and non dairy creamer sure to tempt your tastebuds. Smell the rich, goodness of our Ganoderma 4-in-1 coffee with creamer Today as you brew your first cup! Sure to please the crowd.!

Tongkat Ali Coffee


Tongkat Ali 4-in-1
(Tongkat Ali + Coffee + Cream + Sugar)

Tongkat ali root has a long past of enhancing your libido. The roots are found in the jungles throughout Mayaysia and Southeast Asia. Our Tongkat Ali Coffee is made from selected coffee beans, sugar, non-dairy creamer and Tongkat Ali root. TOngkat has been know to promote energy, vitality, and improve resistance. Drink a rich, full bodied great tasting cup of Tongkat ali coffee anytime, anywhere!

Green Tea


Ganoderma Green Tea
( Green Tea + Ganoderma )

Whether you like your tea hot or cold, this is sure to please you.  By Combining the antioxident strenths of green tea with the king of herbs, Ganoderma, you are sure to have crowd pleaser!

Gano Cocoa


Ganoderma Cocoa "Hot Chocolate"
(Ganoderma + Cocoa + Sugar)

How about a rich cup of our healthy hot chocolate or cocoa? We combine the great taste of our cocoa, sugar and non-dairy creamer with the healthy benefits of ganoderma into a delicious drink that is a must have for kids and adults alike! Sure to be a winner in everyones house! Perfect for the holiday season!
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