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how our program works

Step 1 The first step is to Request More information. Once one of our representatives has talked to your organization, we will create an account for your group. You will be assigned an access code which provides you access to your own replicated website as well as a personalized back office where you will be able to download Marketing Materials for your fundraiser.
Step 2 Once you have your Information ready to go, you will need to distribute the information to the participants who will sell coffee and tea to friends and family and collect payment.
Step 3 At the end of your fundraiser, gather the order forms and money. Return them to the person in charge of your fundraiser.
Fax in the completed order forms to us at (877)-371-4160.
Upon receipt of your fax, we will confirm the amount due to complete the order including shipping and send you an invoice via your backoffice. Your organization keeps the balance, which is the profit.
Step 5 After reviewing your invoice send us a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice via mail. The address to send the payment will be provided in your backoffice. At this time, if you would like you can also have business cards printed that are ready to go in your backoffice. These cards will allow your group to virally explode the fundraiser into a year round program.
Step 6 Your order will be shipped to the designated address within 7 business days after the final order is processed.
Step 7 Once the order arrives, you then distribute the coffee to your participants for delivery. If you have ordered business cards, then you would also pass them out with your orders so that friends and family that would like to order more product can order online. Also, these cards can be distributed at various events to create more awareness.
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ZERO -- this is truly a Risk-Free Fundraising Program. Our fundraising program has no order "minimums" or any other up-front fees.

Our One-of-a-Kind Custom Software will provide you with the following turnkey documents ready for your organization to print and start your fundraiser right away!

Personalized Business Cards with your Groups information for Re-Orders
Master order forms
Order forms for each of your participants
Personalized fundraising report
Personalized Website for Future Sales

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