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Gano Coffee Fundraiser, launched in September of 2009, offers your organization the opportunity to take charge of your own financial destiny and reap the rewards of a highly profitable, year round fundraiser without the limitations of a most other fundraisers. We have created a turn-key solution to help elminate the dilemma of nonprofit funding shortages. Gano Coffee Fundraisers offer a unique program that enables organizations like yours to get the help that is needed at no cost!

To better assist our clients with fundraisers, we work directly with the product manufacturer for our clients. This allows our clients to focus on effectively promoting their fundraiser, while alleviating the stress of managing the products and supplies necessary to make your fundraiser as successful as possible. By working directly with Gano Coffee Fundraiser, you will know that you are in good hands. We will make sure that you know that our most important partner is YOU!

After extensive research to discover the best product for fundraising use, Healthy Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa, stood out as the perfect choice. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, and is only second to oil. Over 500 million cups are served every day in the United States. By partnering with Gano Coffee Fundraiser, you can offer products donors will actually want. After their first experience with the Gano Coffee Fundraiser our clients are amazed with the response they receive back from their customers and donors. You will find that donors will come back to ask how they can purchase more of our amazing Healthy Coffee, Tea and Cocoa!

We have specifically designed Gano Coffee Fundraiser to allow our clients to create a year round fundraiser, not only for the friends and family of the organization, but also for their sphere of influence as well to help give back to the local community.

We Look forward to helping your
organization acheive their goals!

"To help fundraising groups make money without changing the current spending habits of their donors, but instead by redirecting their current spending to a more economical and beneficial source.  At the same time, by using word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word about these affordable and delicious healthy products."


Gano Coffee Fundraising Team

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ZERO -- this is truly a Risk-Free Fundraising Program. Our fundraising program has no order "minimums" or any other up-front fees.

Our One-of-a-Kind Custom Software will provide you with the following turnkey documents ready for your organization to print and start your fundraiser right away!

Personalized Business Cards with your Groups information for Re-Orders
Master order forms
Order forms for each of your participants
Personalized fundraising report
Personalized Website for Future Sales

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